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What does it take to become an OYP registered Member?

Apply online on the OYP portal and you will get further directives from the OGTAN Secretariat after that.

Who qualifies to become a Member of OYP?

All undergraduates of any Nigerian university or polytechnic and any Nigerian graduate currently engaged on National Youth Service.

Does your OYP membership elapse after graduation from the university?

Yes, your membership elapses after your NYSC is completed.

How do I register an OYP Branch in my School?

Apply online to register a School Branch if your university or polytechnic does not have an existing OYP Branch. For your application to be considered you must be at least a Second Year student in any university and would have convinced 20 undergraduates of various disciplines in your school to work with you to register the Branch. Details of the 20 members of the branch would be required with their School ID Cards.

What are the benefits of joining the OYP?

Members would receive career guidance information that would enable them decide which career type to pursue on graduation. Members would have access to industry events, news, workshops, conferences, etc. to help familiarize them with career prospects in the oil industry. Members would receive information on professional trainings that they could attend and get certified even as undergraduates. Members would get information on free or discounted trainings on offer in the industry locally and globally to enhance their industry knowledge and career decisions and employability. Members would be recommended for available industry internship positions to aid compliance to their SIWES Program. Members would have download access to useful industry materials and documents on different career lines.