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We groom, mentor and educate young undergraduates and recent graduates
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What Is OYP?

OYP is an acronym for OGTAN YOUNG PROFESSIONALS – a human capacity development initiative of the OGTAN UNIVERSITY LIAISON COMMISSION designed to aid Nigerian youths in tertiary institutions gain knowledge of and commence early participation in Oil and Gas Industry career building programs.

There is a dire need for re-education and re-training of many Nigerian graduates today towards specific career development due to the insufficiency of university curriculums to adequately cover skills required for the world of work. Technical competence must be merged with academic qualifications to enhance employability and define career path, hence the need to upskill and re-skill the Nigerian youth to be field ready on graduation.

To this end, the idea of the OGTAN Young Professionals (OYP) was born, being that OGTAN is in the business of building skills for the oil and gas industry. The OYP portal targets tertiary undergraduates of Nigerian universities, polytechnics and other higher institutions who are at their 300 – 500 study levels as well as fresh graduates currently going through their compulsory year of national service with the NYSC.

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Benefits of the OYP Program to Participants

The OYP portal aims to achieve the following for the participants:
To provide career guidance to the oil and gas industry, mentorship, networking opportunities, access to industry events such as conferences, workshops, etc.
Help secure free and/or discounted careers and skills-based trainings for the future faces of the industry, further equipping them with required technical and soft skills to thrive and win in chosen careers.
Access to over 100+ internship opportunities across the nation with over 350+ OGTAN member companies as well as other industry operators in liaison with OGTAN.
Steer participants towards acquirement of requisite skillsets to begin a career in the oil and gas industry and gain industrial / professional certificates not usually obtained within the academic setting.
Join a pool of talented young professionals from different schools and different interests but with the same passion for learning and development by creating and/or joining OYP Clubs within each tertiary institution, designed to gain insight into your future career and develop a peer-to-peer network of budding professionals.


The OYP is run under the OGTAN University Liaison Commission led by Mrs. Oluchi Okafor, who is assisted by the OGTAN Secretariat and other able lieutenants including Mr. Dapo Omolade, Dr. David Emumena, Coach Daniel Thomas, Engr. Chika Chinwah and Mazi Sam Azoka Onyechi.

OYP ChairpersonOluchi Okafor

Committee MemberDapo Omolade

Committee MemberDavid Emumena

Committee MemberChika Chinwah

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